Where Philly Meets HALAL

Founded by brothers John and Haz, P’s Phillys is a testament to their culinary mastery. Drawing inspiration from their successful journey with the Golden Gate Gyro Food truck, they decided to venture into the world of traditional Philly Cheesesteaks while upholding halal practices. Using only the finest, authentic ingredients, P’s Phillys offers a unique dining experience where the flavors of Philly are elevated with a halal touch. Join us and savor the exceptional blend of taste and tradition

  Ordered tenders & fries. Was handed a decent portion in less than a minute. The tenders were nice and crunchy but not fresh.

The price listed is $12 but the total charge was for $13.65. Thats a 12.69% "tax." Strange considering that the highest sales tax in the area this business serves is 10.75%. Kinda odd. The tip options listed/suggested were 20%, 22%, and 25% (I believe).

Overall, the food definitely got the job done and was tasty. Not fresh but tasty.

thumb Sarah L.

  Good portions and fast service for loaded fries.
Beef was more like dehydrated chipped beef. The cheese was melted Velveeta.

By the way, Velveeta and American cheese are milk products, not cheese.

thumb Carol G.

  We came for an event where P's Philly's was serving. Service was quick and friendly. Food was delicious. We had a bizarre special order request which they handled no problem.

thumb Chips H.