Where Philly Meets HALAL

Founded by brothers John and Haz, P’s Phillys is a testament to their culinary mastery. Drawing inspiration from their successful journey with the Golden Gate Gyro Food truck, they decided to venture into the world of traditional Philly Cheesesteaks while upholding halal practices. Using only the finest, authentic ingredients, P’s Phillys offers a unique dining experience where the flavors of Philly are elevated with a halal touch. Join us and savor the exceptional blend of taste and tradition

  Ordered a large frys. They were priced at $7.  The total was 7.96.  Tax is %9.13 and but they charged a ~13% "tax". I asked about the extra charge and they couldn't explain it.  Can't wait until hidden fees are gone!

Fry's were lacking in flavor and not fresh.

Lesson learned.

thumb Eduardo L.

  The cheese steaks here are very cheesy! It's a reasonable price, they have simple and with fix ins . The staff is cool , the prices are reasonable, that was awesome!!!!!!!!!

thumb Jose Manuel C.

  Friendly staff. Ordered the loaded P. Mushrooms and peppers weren't cooked thoroughly... I expected softer mushrooms and peppers.. ended up waiting til we got home to recook it. Once everything was warm the sandwich was good. Maybe because there was a long line they didn't spend enough time cooking through?

thumb Angeli S.